BTS Just Became Fan Theorists And Their Ideas Are Straight Out Of The BU

Their new story is one that ARMYs already know very well.

When it comes to connecting dots and brainstorming ideas, BTS learned from the best: their fans!

| BT21/Youtube

ARMYs are geniuses at piecing together the “BTS Universe” (BU), aka the fictional world in BTS’s works. For instance, they figured out that Jin is a time traveler long before Big Hit Entertainment confirmed it in the Save Me webtoon and The Notes 1. 

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In Episode 8 of BT21 Universe 3, BTS brainstormed a new chapter for BT21‘s story (BT21 as babies), and it’s straight out of the BU.

| BT21/Youtube

When Shooky plays with TATA‘s transformation gun, he accidentally turns BT21 into baby versions of themselves and has to travel back in time to set things right.

Shooky plans to reverse the effects by finding the Fountain of Youth, but he ends up with supernatural powers instead.

To return to the present, BT21 must pass through an interdimensional gate…

…but, in the end, did any of this really happen? Nope! According to and Jungkook, it all exists in BT21’s imagination.

(Suga wasn’t too fond of this ending, but hey, you can’t please everyone!)

Hmmm, let’s see. Time traveling, interdimensional gates…

…and dream worlds all sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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