BTOB 4U Fanboys Over Minhyuk’s Body As They Choose Him As Their Fittest Member

” If you undress Minhyuk…”

BTOB 4U revealed Minhyuk as their most fit member, and gave some interesting details in the process!

BTOB 4U recently appeared as guests of SEVENTEEN‘s Superlatives segment, where they revealed their cleanest member, best smelling member, and more!

The group was soon asked who their most fit member was, and they all unanimously picked Minhyuk!

The group then gave their reasons for picking him as the fittest member! Changsub began by revealing that Minhyuk has an insane set of sculpted muscles!

This one here- if you undress Minhyuk, he has sculpted muscles only found in Rome. He really has the muscles in that movie with Spartans.

If he wears a tight shirt, his body is really like…

— Changsub

Peniel spoke up next, revealing that Minhyuk has a body that was made for exercising!

And he has a body great for exercising. Doesn’t really pick up fat, and if he does exercise, he’ll get buff that much quicker.


Leader Eunkwang also gave his two cents about Minhyuk’s fit body!

And also, even if he can’t work out right now, his muscles stay alive!


Minhyuk was a-okay with all the kind comments!

Just born with it, man!


Watch the members of BTOB 4U fanboy over Minhyuk’s body here, from the 1:58 mark onwards!