BTOB bringing their first concert “Hello, Melody” to Busan

BTOB has extended their first concert series Hello, Melody and will be bringing their first 2015 show to Busan, South Korea. 

Hello, Melody is BTOB’s first concert series since their debut over two years ago, and was first held in November 2014 in Seoul at the Olympic Hall where they attracted over 6,000 fans to their event. The members of BTOB shared a lot of laughter with their fans, in addition to holding the hottest performance stage a fan could enjoy. Due to the positive reviews from this show, they have extended the concert to other cities where fans there can look forward to enjoying distinct and rich stages from the group.

On March 11th, the group revealed this official piece of news to fans on their fancafe, announcing that Hello, Melody will take place on April 4th at the KBS Hall in Busan.

BTOB last released the mini-album Winter’s Tale in December 2014, bringing lovely winter tracks to fans. Since then, they have been busy with promotions in Japan, and are set to release their first original single Future on March 25th.

Source: The Star Chosun