BTOB’s Changsub Uses The Group’s Recent Performance To Share His Stance On The Ukraine-Russia War

Fans praised his actions!

BTOB‘s Changsub has recently been praised by netizens worldwide for being vocal about the events going on in the world, following Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

BTOB’s Changsub | @lee_cs_btob/ Instagram

The group is currently promoting their track “The Song,” which is the first song they’ve released after the members have all returned from their military enlistment. The track is extremely meaningful for both the group and MELODY. It has already gained love from fans worldwide, including breaking records and winning music shows.

Yet, the group’s performance on March 3 for Mnet‘s M Countdown really caught the attention of netizens. As expected, the performance was flawless, and all of the members shined with their talent.

| Mnet K-POP/ YouTube
| Mnet K-POP/ YouTube   

At the end of the track, all members gather at the center of the stage to finish the song. During this particular performance, as Changsub took his place in the middle of the members and they finished the song, the idol was heard saying, “No War,” before cutting to Minhyuk‘s ending fairy.

| Mnet K-POP/ YouTube
| Mnet K-POP/ YouTube 

After the performance, both Korean and international netizens couldn’t stop praising Changsub. For many, it showed that Changsub is not only highly talented and has a fantastic personality, but that he isn’t afraid to speak up.

In particular, Changsub and the rest of BTOB have always been praised for being vocal on global issues and are not afraid of making their stance known.

BTOB’s Minhyuk shared his thoughts on Kiss The Radio even after the performance. During the episode, Minhyuk explained how heavy his heart was and hoped peace would come.

| @safeforhuta/ Twitter 

Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, many celebrities have been sharing their own stance on the issue, and the phrase “No War” has been used regularly.

After winning his match in Dubai, Russian tennis player Andrey Rublev walked towards the cameras and signed the camera with the words “No War Please.” In an interview following the action, he shared his thoughts on the situation.

| Sports Stories/ YouTube
| Sports Stories/ YouTube  

During his match, Czech tennis player Jiří Veselý later followed Rublev’s example, writing his own “No War” message on the camera.

Yet, Changsub isn’t the only idol who has been praised for using their massive platform as a K-Pop star to share their message about the war.

On February 27 (PST), Red Velvet‘s Yeri shared images on her Instagram account that caught the attention of netizens. Yeri gained praise after posting an image of the camera Andrey Rublev wrote on with the words “No War Please” written on the front.

It comes after citizens of Ukraine were given the go-signal to remain in South Korea until their situation back home stabilizes. The Ministry of Justice said on February 28 that they would be granted special stay permits following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

South Korea has relaxed its internal border restrictions for Ukrainians following Russia’s invasion of their territory. On February 24, citizens began seeking refuge in other nations after Russia launched military strikes across Ukraine in the sea, air, and land.

Protests in South Korea | @koryodynasty/Twitter

You can read more about idols using platforms to discuss global issues below.

Red Velvet’s Yeri Uses Her Massive Platform To Take A Stance On The Ukraine-Russia War

Source: Mnet K-Pop and Wikitree

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