Here’s Why BTOB’s Changsub Has Decided To Shave His Head A Month Before His Military Enlistment

He’s doing it for his fans.

BTOB’s Changsub, who will be enlisting in the army for his mandatory military service, has shared his plans to shave his head a month prior to his enlistment.


Following Eunkwang‘s enlistment in August, Changsub will be enlisting in the army on January 14th of next year, making him the second BTOB member to begin his military service.


In the meantime, Changsub has been taking on various new attempts including his upcoming solo album, “Mark”. Changsub has participated in the writing for all tracks and the composition for most of the tracks in his first solo album and has also presented himself with a bold new hair color.


In regards to his new hairstyle, Cube Entertainment stated that it was “a style he (Changsub) wanted to try before shaving his head.” Changsub added that he has decided to shave his head by the end of this year in consideration for his fans.

“If I shave my head right before my enlistment, I think my fans will be more sad so I’ve decided to shave my head beforehand by the end of this year.”

ㅡ Changsub


In order to further comfort his fans, Changsub has also busily been preparing for his upcoming promotions with “Mark” and his concert, “SPACE”, which is planned to be held on January 5th and 6th of next year.


Meanwhile, Changsub shared his feelings about enlisting in the army, stating that Eunkwang’s prior enlistment and advice has given him confidence.

“I don’t feel very much because I am enlisting at an older age. Eunkwang hyung told me, ‘The army is not too bad. You’ll adjust as soon as you go too, so don’t worry.’ I think Eunkwang hyung is adjusting well in the army. So I think it my time in the military will also be an opportunity for me to reorganize myself.”

ㅡ Changsub


For the short time until his enlistment, Changsub explained that he plans to work hard and rest well, and expressed that he felt relieved that all of the BTOB members renewed their contracts beforehand.

“I think my last schedule is my concerts. After finishing the contract, I want to let go of everything for the first time since our debut and just rest. Because we all renewed our contracts before Eunkwang hyun enlisted in the army, I am able to enlist with a light heart. I am thankful to everyone.”

ㅡ Changsub


Changsub’s new album, “Mark”, is set to drop at 6 pm December 11 (KST). Check out the teaser for Changsub’s “Gone” below:

Source: Hankook Ilbo