BTOB’s Eunkwang Goes Viral During A Recent Concert, And The Reason Is So Iconic That Even Other K-Pop Idols Are Loving It

It will definitely go down in history!

When it comes to iconic K-Pop idols, there is no denying that the members of BTOB are at the top of that list. Since debuting, the members continue to showcase their talents and top-notch charisma and personality that has fans and idols in fits of laughter.

In particular, leader Eunkwang has recently been gaining attention for his ability to make memes left, right, and center. It seems like he has struck again after a recent concert.

BTOB’s Eunkwang | @btob_silver_light/ Instagram

On October 30, the group was recently part of the 2021 K-POP in Suncheon concert lineup, alongside idols such as TXT, NCT Dream, and many more. Although there were fans in attendance, they weren’t allowed to scream and shout for their fans due to the pandemic.

When BTOB started to perform their latest track, “Outsider,” Eunkwang wanted to get the crowd excited and shouted, “EVERYONE MAKE SOME NOIS-,” but quickly realized that they couldn’t, so he changed it to, “NO JUST CLAP!”

As soon as Eunkwang shouted this, it was clear that the other members found it hilarious, and Changsub couldn’t hide his laughter throughout the song.

Although it was later revealed that the members had planned it and the laughter from the rest of the group was due to the mistiming from Eukwang rather than the line itself, the phrase not only went viral amongst fans who couldn’t get over Eunkwang’s personality shining on stage.

Yet, it wasn’t just netizens who fell in love with Eunkwang’s newest phrase. It was so popular other idols recreated it.

The first person was TXT’s Taehyun, who also performed on the same show as BTOB. After their first performance, he screamed the iconic line and added, “I heard (Eunkwang) sunbaenim do this while I was in the waiting room & I liked it, so I wanted to do it too.

On October 31, SBS hosted its Super Concert 2021, and the lineup included NCT 127. After their performance, member Jaehyun shouted, “Everybody don’t scream, just clap.” Despite the small differences, many believed that it was referencing Eunkwang!

After the event, even his fellow BTOB members couldn’t stop talking about this iconic moment. Minhyuk shared his rendition of the line after witnessing it live. Still, fans particularly couldn’t get over the reaction from maknae Sungjae, who is due to finish his enlistment later in the month. 

As expected, despite being a senior in K-Pop, Eunkwang and BTOB continue to prove why fans love them so much. Even though they are tremendous idols and magnificent on stage, they all like to have fun and maybe create a new meme at the same time.

Source: MBC Music