BTOB’s Eunkwang Had A Hilarious Response When A Fan Asked Him To Wish Them Luck On Their Exam

“He’s a little confused, but he’s got the spirit!”

While BTOB‘s Eunkwang may be known in the industry for his powerful vocals and commanding stage presence, both his members and MELODYs alike recognize him as the group’s happy virus! Eunkwang’s the type of person who can effortlessly light up a room with his contagious smile and wacky antics.

On July 29, the leader decided to do an Instagram Live so that he could interact with fans. In the middle of the stream, he accidentally accepted someone’s request to join, resulting in their face appearing on the screen! Despite the fact that things weren’t going as planned, Eunkwang simply went with the flow and started up a friendly chat with them.

The fan ended up revealing that they had been studying hard for an exam which was taking place the next day, and were hoping Eunkwang could provide them with some words of encouragement.

However, the language barrier and unreliable internet made things a bit difficult for the two to communicate with each other, resulting in Eunkwang confusedly singing about a marshmallow!

Luckily after clarifying what they meant, Eunkwang lifted up a fist in support of the MELODY and said “Fighting!” before waving goodbye.

It’s amazing how Eunkwang was able to figure out how to make this MELODY’s day despite being unable to fully understand them!

You can watch the entire interaction here: