BTOB’s Eunkwang Is Now A Director At Cube Entertainment

The name is “Director Seo” now.

BTOB member Eunkwang made an appearance on MBC every1 TV show Video Star on the 15th and revealed some fresh news about his career.

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The MCs of Video Star asked Eunkwang if he has any never-before-released news that he can share. In his response, Eunkwang explained the new role he has taken on recently by stating, “This is really the first reveal of this news. I have taken on the role of directorship at Cube Entertainment.”

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Surprised at the news, the MCs congratulated “Director Seo” and expressed their happiness for him. Eunkwang added that the role is an honorary artist director position, and he will be focusing mainly on consulting trainees and newly-debuted artists at Cube Entertainment. Eunkwang said that he is very grateful that Cube Entertainment is showing him a lot of respect and treating him very well.

It will be a role that is similar to what BoA and Kangta do at SM Entertainment.

Eunkwang also shared that he is currently preparing for a role in a musical.