BTOB Ilhoon’s “Idol Radio”, Feat. BTS, EXO, BLACKPINK, and more

New Year’s Special “Idol A to Z”

MBC FM’s Idol Radio will be airing a New Year’s Special Idol A to Z from the 1st to the 6th of January, also available to fans via Naver V Live!

Hosted by BTOB Ilhoon, Idol A to Z will take one idol group a day and look at them in depth, from debut to comebacks and hit songs.

While there will not be any guests throughout this New Year’s Special, Idol A to Z is expected to give all kinds of listeners something to enjoy. Listeners who are not familiar with idol groups will be provided with an easy approach to K-pop, while long-time fans will be provided with a recap of information related to their favorite idol groups.

Idol A to Z will start off on the 1st of January with BTS as the topic idol group; on the 2nd, EXO; on the 3rd, BLACKPINK; on the 4th, Wanna One; on the 5th, TWICE; and on the 6th, BTOB.

Idol Radio will be aired on MBC FM and Naver V Live from starting 12AM on the 1st of January!

Source: Sports Kyunghyang