BTOB Keeps Promise With Fans To Stay Together Forever

BTOB has renewed their contracts with Cube Entertainment.

It has been revealed that BTOB has officially renewed their contract with Cube Entertainment.


BTOB debuted back in 2012 and has been growing into one of the representative K-Pop idol groups for the past 6 years.


According to Cube Entertainment, all members of BTOB have agreed to stay together and it was their determination to keep the promise they made to their fans (that they would stay together forever) that played a big role in their decision.

“The BTOB members have agreed to all stay together forever and the biggest reason was to keep the promise they made with fans.” ㅡ Cube Entertainment


Cube Entertainment further revealed that they plan to support the group and all the members’ individual activities going forward.

“Cube Entertainment, which has come along this far with BTOB based on trust and loyalty, has recently completed contract renewals with all 7 members of BTOB and plans to provide full support for the activities of the group and the members in the future. We ask for your continued interest and support for BTOB in their future plans with Cube Entertainment.” ㅡ Cube Entertainment

Source: Newsen