BTOB Gave Hilarious 30 Second Spoilers For Their New Album “4U: Outside”

“Peniel is almost like Cruella!”

Leading up to the release of BTOB‘s special album “4U: Outside” on August 30, members Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, and Peniel were given the opportunity to tell MELODYs a few hints about their comeback.

The catch? Their videos could only be 30 seconds! With such a small amount of time, each member tried cramming as much information in as they could.

Leader Eunkwang went first, and with little hesitation started explaining to MELODYs the format of the title track’s name.

About the title song… first, it has five syllables. It’s five syllables in Korean, of course! How many letters in English? (counting) …It has eight letters!


After that, he spoke a few kind words about his band mate, Changsub, and wrapped things up nicely exactly when the clock hit zero!

Lee Changsub is so cool in the title song! And I think this song represents me. So I hope, while listening to it, you can imagine the song represents you. You are special!


Next up was BTOB’s heartthrob, Minhyuk, looking like a million dollars in his black Givenchy outfit. Initially unable to find the right words, he told everyone to “watch how I act instead of what I say,” before grooving in his chair.

Then, he ended up describing the song in a rather interesting way before time finally ran out!

“Well… it’s a bit languid and a bit sticky I think. The song has that kind of groove. Very curious, huh?”


Changsub started off at full force, not even waiting for his cue to begin! With the time he was given, it’s pretty safe to say that Changsub is definitely the group’s king of spoilers.

At the beginning, he joked around a little bit, poking fun about how the four current members won’t be able to “do whatever we want” once Sungjae and Hyunsik return from the military!

“This album is without Yook Sungjae and Im Hyunsik of BTOB, it’ll be the last album for the four of us. That’s why we did our best. Time is running out for us to do whatever we want. BTOB will be the whole team soon, right?


Changsub then did a lightning round of each what to be excited for based on each member before ending with a few seconds to spare!

Since Eunkwang and Minhyuk are in their element now, you can look forward to them fully! Peniel is almost like Cruella. He won’t let you down either! And look forward to my little tail hair, too.


Last, but certainly not least, was Peniel! Although it took him a bit of time to think of everything he wanted to say, Peniel definitely gave some solid hints.

It’s a new genre for us, but it sounds like BTOB’s song when you listen to it. And about the title… I don’t think I’m one of those in BTOB. And… about the music video… I think with this costume, it goes well.


What do you think of BTOB’s 30 second spoilers?