BTOB’s Minhyuk Literally Told A Fan (Jokingly) To Get Lost After She Brought Up His Iconic Acting Scene


Apparently, on January 21, 2021, it was the World’s Squirrel Appreciation Day! A special day indeed for tiny critters all over the world. BTOB‘s Minhyuk, was congratulated on the day by his fans as well, due to his resemblance to the cute animal.

However, one fan decided to bring up one of his most cursed videos…

… his acting scene in 2013’s Fantastic Tower. He had to act out a murder scene, but the ahem, rookie acting, became a hilarious dark past.

The fan decided to tease her idol a little and tweeted out, “#HutaSquirrel Oppa, they said today is Squirrel Appreciation Day… So in that vein, I will try to show respect to the legendary Lee Minhyuk Acting Meme which I still can’t look at to this day.

As that scene has become one that members and fans tease him with to this day, Minhyuk simply replied “jeul“. The one syllable word can be used to mean a variety of things, from “get lost ^^”, “yeah, no ^^” to “f*ck off ^^”.

Netizens found it hilarious as Minhyuk has got to be the first idol to tell his fan that! Of course, as both sides were just teasing each other, it only showed just how close the bond between Melody and BTOB is!