BTOB’s Minhyuk Unknowingly Gave Himself Away With This Sexy Habit On “King of Masked Singer”

“I feel like that’s Minhyuk… down to the swag, and the muscles too.”

During the 318th episode of King Of Masked SingerNightmare and Pineapple went head to head with their unique renditions of “Trap of Youth (청춘의 덫)” by Ji Soo and “Monster” by Red Velvet‘s Irene and Seulgi. While both performances were outstanding, Nightmare ended up taking the victory, meaning the identity of Pineapple was finally going to be revealed.

Pineapple’s “King of Masked Singer” promotional photo | MBC

Even though it came as a surprise to some, thousands of MELODYs around the world weren’t too shocked when BTOB‘s Minhyuk took off his mask – and neither was guest panelist Ryan S. Jhun!

Ryan S. Jhun on “King of Masked Singer” | MBC

In fact, the songwriter had already voiced his suspicions in the previous episode. Jhun, known for his work with TWICE, EXO, NCT, and many more, was immediately able to pinpoint how Pineapple had the “BTOB style”.

However, he was slightly off the mark with his initial guess of a different member – Eunkwang! Almost immediately after the words came out of his mouth, Dara spoke up and firmly denied that possibility.

But then, Jhun was struck with a sudden realization: it had to be Minhyuk! And while his main argument was quite hilarious, we have to admit he made a good point.

I’m working on a song for those BTOB guys these days. So I’ve done my research about them. And I noticed that Minhyuk likes to leave his shirts open like this. If you look up his pictures, he has it open like that in most of them. So I feel like that’s Minhyuk… down to the swag, and the muscles too. Minhyuk has a buff chest.

— Ryan S. Jhun

Minhyuk’s glowing chest on “King of Masked Singer” | MBC

Not only was Jhun able to figure it out pretty quickly, but many MELODYs knew it was Minhyuk since his very first appearance! No matter how much he tried to hide it, Minhyuk’s rapping was extremely recognizable, even when he attempted to fake viewers out with an impression of G-Dragon.

One MELODY actually remembered a moment from one of Minhyuk’s previous livestreams where he accidentally gave fans a huge hint! When he was listening to a bunch of songs on his personal playlist, “Monster” started playing and he turned it off in a matter of seconds without a word.

While Minhyuk wasn’t named “King of Masked Singer” this time around, we’d say he’s definitely qualified for the “King of Spoilers” title! You could probably throw in a “King of Chest Muscles” crown as well.

BTOB’s Minhyuk performing shirtless | OSEN

You can watch Minhyuk’s full performance here: