BTOB’s Minhyuk Updates Fans About His Condition Immediately After Being Discharged From The Hospital For COVID-19

When he was first admitted, Minhyuk had a 104°F fever.

Earlier this month, BTOB‘s Minhyuk had MELODYs worried when Cube Entertainment revealed he tested positive for COVID-19 after his vocal trainer had received the same diagnosis only a few days prior.

Although his fellow members Eunkwang, Changsub, and Peniel kept assuring fans that he was going to be okay, concerns only grew after it was announced that BTOB’s August 9 comeback was going to be delayed as Minhyuk actually had to be transferred to the hospital.

Fortunately, Minhyuk’s condition seems to have improved over the past two weeks, as he was finally released on July 30. That same day, he logged onto Instagram and hosted a live stream in order to tell MELODYs how he was doing.

Minhyuk began the stream by confirming that he is definitely starting to feel better, putting some fears to rest. He didn’t want anyone to be sad about it anymore, and jokingly asked MELODYs why they continued to cry even though he had already said he was okay!

Later on, Minhyuk went into detail about what happened during his time at the hospital. When he first arrived, Minhyuk had an intense fever was immediately hooked up to an IV.

I was symptomatic when I came down with COVID-19 and I got phone calls from the authorities about whether I should go to an isolation center or to a hospital. But then, my fever was running higher than 102-104°F… Late night on Saturday, I had the ambulance come pick me up.

— Minhyuk

After that, he went through an extensive series of tests as he laid sick in bed. Minhyuk explained that his entire body ached and his cough got so bad it became hard for him to breathe. Over the next week, his fever stayed between 101-102°F even though the staff “kept giving (him) fever reducers” to lessen his temperature.

Minhyuk recalling his experience | @hutazone/Instagram

Although his symptoms were quite severe at the beginning, it seems that the worst is finally behind him. Minhyuk was all smiles by the end of the stream, putting MELODYs at ease as he waved goodbye.

We hope for his full recovery soon!