BTOB and Minseo attend “HKAMF 2018” in Hong Kong

Their performances were amazing!

BTOB and singer Minseo attended Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival (HKAMF) on March 23.


HKAMF is a yearly music festival held in Hong Kong, featuring performances by established artists as well as a competition for newcomers. This year, artists from eight Asian regions participated in the event.


BTOB represented Korea as a top established group, while solo artist Minseo competed for the Asian Supernova Award. They met with the press the day before the event and expressed their excitement for participating in the festival.


With captivating performances, Minseo received the Best Vocal Performance Award and finished in the top three among an amazing group of artists.


BTOB wrapped up the show with “Movie” and “Missing You”. The members also had fun throwing autographed paper airplanes to the audience at the end!