BTOB’s Peniel Reveals He Is Growing Out His Hair And MELODYs Are Freaking Out

This is *NOT* a drill!

With a potential comeback for BTOB on the horizon, MELODYs were met with an exciting surprise by member Peniel. In a recent tweet, he creatively revealed that he is currently growing out his hair!

While a K-Pop idol changing the style of their hair isn’t really uncommon, there is much more significance regarding Peniel specifically. Back in 2016, he appeared on the show Hello Counselor and opened up about how he suffers from alopecia, a condition where rounded bald spots begin to randomly form on the scalp.

While genetics definitely play a role in the condition’s development, another major factor is stress. Fellow band mates Eunkwang, Minhyuk, and Hyunsik had even pointed out that Peniel’s hair loss started to improve when he took a break and visited his parents in the United States.

Through his appearance on the show, Peniel proved to himself that he didn’t have to feel held down by his condition any more and stopped covering it. Over the next couple of years, MELODYs saw a lot of progress as Peniel sported longer styles in many comebacks!

However, ever since he went back to his bald look after Show Your Love in 2020, Peniel hasn’t been seen with anything but a buzz-cut.

So, when MELODYs found out that he was *finally* going to grow it out again, they bombarded him with both love and questions! Peniel actually took the time to personally respond, leaving them a bit of a clue about what it might look like.

Are you excited to see Peniel’s new style?

Source: The Belgravia Centre