BTOB’s Peniel Reveals How “Kingdom” Shoots Would Last Up To 33 Hours

“We woke up at like, 4am… no, like 2am? Perfectly normal time!”

During a recent interview with popular YouTuber JRE, BTOB‘s Peniel reflected on the time he spent this past February to June filming the competition show Kingdom: Legendary War.

Considering the fact that the run time for each episode lasted between one and a half to three hours, it would make sense that the show would take a while to record. However, JRE as well as thousands of viewers were surprised to hear what Peniel had to say regarding the subject.

JRE: Dude, it was probably like – long hours, mentally draining…

Peniel: Oh yeah.

JRE: I bet!

Peniel: I think the longest we shot was… 33 hours or something like that?

JRE: 33 hours?! Yo, I can’t even imagine! (laughs)

JRE Explores South Korea | Talking Kingdom with BTOB Peniel | JREKML/YouTube

He then explained how the times they had to wake up were unbelievably early, so that they would be able to finish by the next morning.

“We woke up at like, 4am…. no, like 2am? Perfectly normal time! (jokingly) And I think we finished the shoot at seven? I don’t remember.”

— Peniel

| JREKML/YouTube

Peniel continued by basically walking JRE through what an average Kingdom schedule would be like.

It’s pretty much, you get your hair and makeup done and everything… I mean I only need to get my makeup done. (laughs) We get there, and then we do rehearsals, but they don’t want us seeing the other teams stages, ’cause they want genuine reactions. So we just wait until it’s our turn… There’s a lot of waiting, but it’s for them to build the set. They’re not gonna make (the audience) wait like an hour or whatever.

— Peniel

| JREKML/YouTube

After the set is complete, a producer is called to gather up all of the contestants and bring them to the main stage, usually within the span of a few minutes.

All in all, we’d say that Peniel put it perfectly when he summed it all up with a simple, “Yeah, that was tiring.”

| JREKML/YouTube

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