BTOB’s Peniel Personally Updates Fans On His Condition After Undergoing Surgery

We wish him a speedy and full recovery!

BTOB‘s Peniel has undergone surgery and updated fans since.

BTOB’s Peniel

Recently, CUBE Entertainment released a statement concerning Peniel’s condition. He had injured his ankle on August 10, and it was diagnosed that he would have to undergo surgery due to a ruptured Achilles tendon.


This is CUBE Entertainment

BTOB’s member PENIEL will pause his promotions due to an ankle injury.

On the 10th, PENIEL was sent to the hospital after he injured his ankle while exercising and received a close examination along with urgent care.

The diagnosis was that surgery is inevitable due to an Achilles tendon rupture, and following the medical decision, he has decided to have the surgery today (the 12th).

— CUBE Entertainment

Consequently, Peniel’s promotions have been halted for the time being. His health is prioritized.

As we believe the artist’s health should be prioritized, unfortunately we have decided to pause PENIEL’s future promotional activities and focus on his recovery.

Hence, we inform you that PENIEL will pause his participation in BTOB’s group activities and individual activities.

We apologize to the fans and many associated people for arousing concerns. We will dedicate our best efforts to ensuring PENIEL’s recovery.

Thank you.

— CUBE Entertainment

As of August 12, Peniel underwent surgery. Now that it has been completed, he updated fans on his condition, reassuring them.

Thankfully, Peniel is getting the treatment he needs. We will continue to wish him a speedy and full recovery.