BTOB remains busy with Japanese promotions during Lunar New Year

With celebrations for the Lunar New Year in full force, boy group BTOB is still hard at work in order to promote and meet with their fans for the next two weeks in Japan!

On February 14th, the group began their two-week extensive promotional tour and even held a mini live performance at Odaiba Fort on February 17th. The promotions came as fans anticipate their first Japanese original single, “Future,” which will be released on March 25th.

Composed by popular Japanese writers, Shin’ya Tada and Mashin Ikuta, this track’s lyrics are focused on encouraging people to look forward to a brighter future.

After their Japanese debut last November with “WOW,” the group actively promoted in Japan with 9 showcases and even more fan events. Japanese fans’ warm response prompted the group to return quickly and their promotions for “Future” is expected to meet with fans in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

BTOB has conducted various fan events including singing performances, fan signs, and hi-touch events, but they are gaining a great deal of attention with their “Two-shot” photo sessions where members are able to meet fans in a more intimate way. Their all-inclusive, intimate fan service has shown a unique charm that has expanded their fan base and created high anticipation for “Future.”

Last year’s hit track “WOW” debuted at number one on the Japan Tower Records’ Weekly Sales Chart and number six on the Oricon Daily Chart, supporting their status as the new “Hallyu Rookie” sensations in Japan.

Source: Pop Herald