BTOB Sungjae To Hold 12-Hour-Long Live Broadcast Today As Penalty

Get ready to stream, Melodies!

BTOB‘s Sungjae will be holding a 12-hour-long live broadcast session as a penalty for losing a bet with fellow member Changsub.


Sungjae had made a bet with Changsub in a game of rock-paper-scissors. The winner would have to do a 12-hour live broadcast… and the lucky winner was Sungjae!


As a result, Sungjae will put on a “mukbang” (eating show) and share various contents with fans tuning into the broadcast.


And while it is a penalty for Sungjae, it is completely the opposite for fans who can’t believe Sungjae is really going forth with the 12-hour-long penalty!

  • “Lol fighting didn’t know he would really do it..let’s do it together”
  • “LOL I didn’t know he would really do it lol he’ll probably do a carwash too them lol manager-nim, let’s do the carwash when the weather gets a little warmer fighting fighting :)”
  • “Lol it’s admirable of you to keep your promise”
  • “You’re really doing it? Lol I love you so much lol fighting!!”
  • “I’m excited but I’m also worried…”
  • “He doesn’t go back on his words!!!! Fighting!!! Sungjae oppa~”


Sungjae will be streaming on Cube Entertainment‘s official Youtube channel starting from 7 pm on January 11, so don’t miss out!


Source: Naver