BTOB Whispered A Sweet Message Into Minhyuk’s Ear Without Knowing Their Live Stream Started

He couldn’t help but giggle when he whispered this!

On November 29, BTOB‘s Eunkwang and Minhyuk went live in celebration of both their birthdays. Before the two are aware that the live stream has started, Eunkwag leans towards Minhyuk’s ear to whisper something.

At the start of the live stream, Eunkwang privately whispered to Minhyuk.

I’m so happy these days because of our Melody (BTOB’s fandom name).

— Eunkwang

This moment merely seemed like a sweet moment Eunkwang created intentionally for the fans, yet he was thrown off to learn that they were live.

Following Eunkwang’s sweet words, Minhyuk asks the staff “did we start?” To which Eunkwang’s eyes open wide and he says “oh we started?

(The moment they were told they were live)

The two start the stream as if nothing happened. Fans were extremely touched and fascinated to know Eunkwang’s genuine feelings.

Check out the live stream below: