BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Reveals His Honest Feelings About BTS’s New Album

He had to stop his interview to mention their album.

BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae recently sat down for an interview about his own solo debut album, but was side tracked as he stopped mid-way to completely fan over BTS’s new album!

The interview was meant for Yook Sungjae to search his name on various sites to read what people are saying about him, but as soon as an ARMY’s username popped up, he immediately stopped to reveal his honest feelings about their latest album.

He praised, “But don’t you just love BTS’s latest album?

He couldn’t help himself but turn into a fan as he continued to compliment his friends’ new album!

He said, “It’s really amazing. I think they hit a new peak.

Yook Sungjae’s friendship stems back to years ago when he happened upon V at the bathroom. Since V and he are the same age, V approached him and directly asked to be friends.

And that’s how their friendship blossomed over the years!

BTOB and BTS have been brothers who continue to support and cheer each other on with every album comeback!

And the love hasn’t changed one bit over the years! Here’s to more BTOB and BTS love to come!