BTOB’s Eunkwang Shares His Thoughts After Officially Being Released From His Military Duties

Welcome back, Eunkwang!

On April 7, BTOB‘s leader, Eunkwang, was finally discharged from his military duties! He’s the first member of the group to finish his service, with fellow members Changsub and Minhyuk set to complete theirs later this year, in August and September.

Like several other K-Pop idols that have been released recently, Eunkwang was actually able to finish his enlistment a little bit early because of COVID-19. After going on a short vacation from his military duties recently, he was not allowed to return to the military base after it was over and thus completed his service in order to prevent potential spread of the coronavirus.

After his discharge, the idol spoke publicly about his feelings and what it’s like being back from his service.

I am so thankful to our Melodys for waiting for me and cheering me on. They were the reason I was able to return healthy and well. I feel like I’m beginning a second life, like I’ve been reborn? It’s true that I feel slightly anxious and afraid of returning to society, but I’m also excited about singing for many people once again, and bringing people happiness again.

— Eunkwang

It sounds like he already has big plans for getting back into the swing of things as an idol, which he also spoke about candidly.

I need to show Melodys me singing on stage. I want to do musicals, I want to do variety shows. I feel like I have enough passion to even chew and sway steel, so please call me and I’ll be there.

— Eunkwang

As for how his fellow members reacted to his return, their reaction was rather hilarious, which Eunkwang admitted to.

They congratulated me but… it was more like, ‘You’re discharged already? Time sure flies…’

— Eunkwang

Fans are also celebrating his return: