BTOB’s Minhyuk Shocks Fans With Sexy New Concept

“I wanted to show them that I had this side of me as well.”

BTOB’s Minhyuk will be making a comeback with a sexy new concept that has fans buzzing with anticipation.


On the afternoon of January 15, Minhyuk held a showcase for his first solo album, “Hutazone.” The album consists of 11 tracks, all of which have been written, composed and produced by Minhyuk himself.


What struck out in the idol’s solo album, however, was his bold concept. While he was generally known as the friendly-looking type within BTOB, Minhyuk stated that he wanted to show fans a completely different aspect of himself, which is why he chose this fierce concept.

While promoting with BTOB, I had a very friendly image and I was known as the affectionate one. I wanted to show my fans a completely different side of me so I took on a stronger concept. I pierced my ears for the first time and boldly bleached my hair to produce a more celeb-like image.



Moreover, he stated that he wanted to surprise everyone by showing them a completely different side of him.

While preparing the album, my biggest goal was to surprise those who already knew me. I wanted to show them that I had this side of me as well. If this is the reaction I get, I’ll be very pleased.

ㅡ Minhyuk


On this day, Minhyuk also mentioned his military enlistment, which is scheduled for February 7, and apologized to his remaining members for leaving them after recently becoming the new leader.

I feel sorry towards the BTOB members for leaving them after becoming the second leader but since everyone must fulfill their military duty I am simply thankful that this opportunity has presented itself. I want to enjoy up to the last moment I have. I want to make precious memories with my fans. Our members are capable of doing well on their own so I don’t worry about them.

ㅡ Minhyuk


Check out more images from Minhyuk’s “Hutazon” below:


Minhyuk’s “Hutazone” will be released at 6 pm January 15 (KST). In the meantime, watch the pre-roll for the album here:


Source: Osen