BTOB’s PENIEL Finally Reveals What “B.O.D.” Stands For In New Teaser

No one, literally no one guessed it right.

BTOB‘s PENIEL is scheduled to release his solo digital single “B.O.D” and on May 8 he asked his fans on Twitter what they thought it stood for. Answers ranged from the comical “booty on duty” to the scientific “biochemical oxygen demand”. No one got the correct answer, but some were very close.

One of the most repeated phrases Twitter fans offered was “Blacked Out Drunk”.  Since PENIEL revealed that “B.O.D” would be a hip-hop ode to Korea’s nightlife scene that “may or may not be from personal experience” this guess was spot on. However, in the first audio teaser, released May 10, PENIEL revealed that this was close… but not quite.

Yes, “B.O.D” actually stands for “Bottom Of the Drinks”. If you’re seeing the bottom of too many drinks you’re well on your way to “Blacked Out Drunk,” so all of the fans who guessed that get an A+ for effort! “B.O.D” is slated for a May 13 digital release.


Source: BTOB YouTube