BTOB’s Peniel Reveals That Mnet Won’t Let The “Kingdom” Participants Interact With Each Other

Everyone wants group interactions!

BTOB‘s Peniel is currently taking part in Mnet‘s Kingdom show, where six idol groups battle against each other in various performances!

In the latest DIVE Studios‘ GET REAL episode, Peniel spoke about the preparation and experience of filming the show. KARD‘s BM asked whether there were any interactions between the groups!

Peniel’s reply was instant and seemed to surprise BM and fellow host Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi.

They don’t let us interact with them!

— BTOB’s Peniel

He then explained that he wanted to say hi to Stray KidsBang Chan, who he has known for years. When he asked the producers if he could go and chat with him, they didn’t let him!

Peniel thought it might be because the producers are scared that the groups will give each other spoilers.

They want us to have genuine reactions when we see the stages.

— BTOB’s Peniel

Despite all of this, it seems as if BTOB is willing to do anything to make their juniors feel more at ease, including Eunkwang‘s hilarious interaction with Bang Chan! Hopefully, fans will still get to see some great moments between their favorite groups as the show progresses!

Make sure to watch all the performances from Kingdom, including BTOB’s on Mnet’s YouTube channel!