BTS 2020 Tour Billboards Are Popping Up In The US

These advertisements are getting everyone excited.

An official announcement for BTS‘s 2020 tour may not be far off, now that mysterious advertisements have begun to appear.


On December 23, 2019, Big Hit Entertainment dropped this teaser image with the caption “April 2020. Stay tuned.” Since then, no other official tour announcements have been made.


On January 20, however, ticket retailer VIP Nation posted a list of North American BTS tour dates on their website that were quickly deleted. The US stops were as follows: Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Dallas, Orlando, Atlanta, East Rutherford, Landover, and Chicago. Toronto, Ontario was also listed for Canada.


Less than a day after the dates were leaked, fans spotted what appear to be official BTS 2020 tour billboards. One was seen in Santa Clara, California with the dates April 25 and 26.


The other appeared in Orlando, Florida with May 14 as the date.


A third billboard has been found in Chicago with the dates June 5-6.


The photo on both Billboards seems to be the missing half of the Tour teaser image posted by Big Hit Entertainment.


While US ARMYs were rejoicing over these ads, Canadian ARMYs were losing their minds over BTS projections that may or may not be connected to the tour as well. Find out more about it here:

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