BTS Drop New Details And Dates For Their “Magic Shop” 5th Muster

New details, including the time and location, have been announced.

BTS have dropped new details about their 5th Muster, including when and where it will be happening.


Every year, BTS host a “Muster”, an annual fan club event that musters their ARMY “troops” for a special celebration. 2019’s 5th Muster will be based on “Magic Shop”, a song dedicated to their fans.


On March 28, BTS uploaded three cryptic posts to their Instagram for the event. The images showed BTS’s “Magic Shop” appeared in two different locations.


Soon after, BTS shared this poster on Twitter, along with new details.

5th Muster will be a 4-day event that takes place across two cities, Busan and Seoul. First, BTS will stop at the Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium on June 15 and 16 to meet fans. The following week, BTS will be continuing the event in Seoul at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena, on June 22 and 23.


BTS has also sent out this magical invitation to ARMY, who are the “key” to the Magic Shop.

Dear ARMY,

I’m sending this invitation to you with my heart. I have heard that I am needed. Your calling for me became a key to the Magic Shop. At the time you feel you need the Magic Shop — when you’re in need of comfort or you want to disappear for a while, etc. — the door to the magic shop will become visible to you.

I’m ready to listen to your story. Magic Shop will comfort your heart and move your heart. I want to see your galaxy’s stars. Welcome, to your Magic Shop. From, the owner of the Magic Shop.

— Invitation to the Magic Shop


The invitation also includes a “5th Course” lists the songs “Love Maze”, “134340”, “JUMP”, “Ma City”, and “Dimple”.