BTS In “Squid Game 2”? Simon Pegg And Tilly Want To See “Actor Jin” Debut

They talked about the star on Instagram Live.

If you’re hoping to see BTS‘s Jin debut as an actor, you’re not alone!


Back in September, speculation arose that Jin could be cast in Season 2 of Netflix‘s Squid Game, if a sequel happens. This is largely because Netflix Korea‘s Instagram account had shared a story of actor Simon Pegg posing with Squid Game memorabilia and a Jin cutout.

Simon Pegg | @netflixkr/Instagram

Now, Simon Pegg is telling the story behind that Instagram story. In a live broadcast with his daughter Tilly, the actor explained why Jin’s cutout had been included.

| @simonpegg/Instagram 

What happened was I took a picture for Netflix Korea, ’cause they sent us loads of Squid Game goodies. I just put Jin from BTS in the background of the picture because I wanted it to feel very Korean, and Jin is obviously a great ambassador for Korea.

— Simon Pegg

Both father and daughter are BTS fans, who would love to see Jin act in the future. If not in Squid Game 2, then in another project.

I don’t have any authority in regards to Squid Game, but I’m just a massive fan [. . .] But apparently, Jin studied acting, and I think he’d be very good, right? So, let’s hope we see him acting at some point.

— Simon Pegg

Fingers crossed!

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