BTS Breaks Down The Meaning Behind Their Album Art From Debut Until Now

From “Dark & Wild” to “Dynamite”, here are the stories behind the art.

In a Q&A with PitchforkBTS broke down each of their albums from 2014 to 2020 by explaining the songs, concept, album art, and creative process. Here is the meaning of BTS’s album at from DARK&WILD to “Dynamite”.

1. DARK&WILD (2014)

The cover art says ‘WARNING! LOVE HURTS, IT CAUSES ANGER, JEALOUSY, OBSESSION, WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME BACK? So it’s rather…obsessive. (A state of heartbreak.) And it emphasizes the message of the album.

— RM

2. WINGS (2016)

The concept was temptation, so it’s smoke. It’s like…’What’s this scent?’ WINGS actually came out in four different covers and putting them together creates one piece of art. It’s smoke.

— RM

| Pitchfork/Youtube

And each member has his own symbol.

— Jungkook

3. LOVE YOURSELF: Tear (2018)

“LOVE YOURSELF: Tear from our LOVE YOURSELF series is about the end of love,” Jimin explained. “This is represented by falling flower petals.”

“Like WINGS, LOVE YOURSELF: Tear also comes in four different versions that form one connected line. And a dark color was selected for the background to represent that love is coming to an end.” 

| Pitchfork/Youtube

4. MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 (2020)

The number seven is the key of this album. Seven years as seven members. The art focuses on “7” as a symbol. The shape and color of the album cover were decided based on each of our personalities.

— Jin

| Pitchfork/Youtube

You’ll see that the sevens are layered. If you look closely, there are seven colors.

— J-Hope

5. “Dynamite” (2020)

“As you know, we released “Dynamite” because it was a rough year for many people, and we really hope to provide some excitement and spirit for everyone again,” Jin said. “And I think the song’s energy and its lyrics have been reflected very well onto the art.” 

“The “Dynamite” art is also being used a lot as part of our set,” J-Hope added.

| Pitchfork/Youtube

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