BTS New Album Leaked Online By Hackers

BTS’s much-anticipated comeback album, Love Yourself: Her, has been leaked by hackers.

Just hours before their comeback album was scheduled to drop, all the songs were released online.

Hackers also logged into several idols’ accounts, including Jimin’s, through their official fan cafes and started posting inappropriate content.

Some of the targeted idols include BTS’s Jimin, Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon, and 9MUSES’s Keumjo.

They posted a seemingly harmless looking but malicious link, along with text that reads:

“Model-like female students with S-lines waiting for you. Oppas, GO GO (link)”

Image Source: @KayPeeEmm

Those who clicked on the link were allegedly taken to a porn site, and their level in the fan cafe was downgraded.

They were quickly advised to change their password, just in case.

Fortunately, international and Korean fans quickly notified the idols’ respective agencies, and the situation was soon resolved.

However, the damage hack is irreversible and many fans are still upset at the album being leaked.