Fans Upset About BTS Not Being Nominated In AMA’s Music Categories

Fans want BTS to be recognized more for their music.

BTS was nominated for the first time at the 2018 American Music Awards (AMAs) under the category, “Favorite Social Artist“. It’s the first time a Korean group was nominated for any award at the AMAs.


Amidst the millions of ARMYs celebrating the historical nomination, some fans have vocalized their “disappointment” about how the group wasn’t nominated for any music categories. “Favorite Social Artist” focuses on the power of influence the artists have on social media platforms.


On the other hand, fans pointed out that the “Favorite Social Artist” category was created for the first time this year and that alone itself should be something to celebrate about the 2018 AMAs.


Others brought in photos of stream stats in the US, which showed that BTS’s statistics lacked behind other mainstream US artists.


No matter what opinion you may have about the 2018 AMAs nominations, it’s undeniable that BTS has achieved another historical feat! And that’s more than enough to celebrate as an ARMY!