BTS and Big Hit Entertainment CEO land interview with Billboard

BTS and BigHit Entertainment‘s CEO were recently interviewed by Billboard concerning the reasons behind their growing popularity and plans for the future.

During the interview, BTS discussed the messages they try to convey and how their influence is showing in the industry.

Digging deeper into the personal topics in BTS’s songs the group was asked to explain the importance behind their lyrics.

Suga: Worldwide, our young generation shares the same issues socially and politically. I think that young people feel the same way about similar issues and BTS wants to cheer them up with our songs and talk about our feelings and social issues.

Rap Monster: These topics, like you said, they’re important, right? They should be told by someone. Someone should talk about it. And if someone should talk about it, then it feels like we have to talk about it. It’s very much an honor that we get power and attention from our fans them when we use our voices more. It’s important to us and the bigger the voice that we get, the more powerful that our words become.

BTS’s Wings album features solo tracks from each of the members. Jin and Rap Monster had some thoughts to share about this unique feature on their newest album.

Jin: The solo tracks were important because it was personal, an individual story and it was represented in the way that we are good at it. We worked a lot on each track and that’s why it was important to each of us.

Rap Monster: When I get questions about why is K-pop is so popular; I always tell them K-pop is like a great mix of music, videos, visuals, choreography, social media and real-life contents. Making the solo tracks on the album was quite a venture, but it’s connected to the concept. Like, when you watch the “I Need U” video, everyone has their own crises and characters. It’s kind of connected to our real personalities and characters, but the solo songs have their own characters and personalities. It’s all connected. It’s a mixture and that’s why people get interested in the concepts.


Music acts are often influenced by their predecessors and big artists are sure to leave an impact on the music industry. Jungkook responded to a question about their influence as a group, could it already be seen amongst the other groups in the industry?

Jungkook: When we debuted back in 2013, we were influenced by our seniors. Over the years, as we watched other younger groups, we know they talk about us, they cover us and they follow us. I think they’re saying in interviews that they learned a lot from us and that makes us feel great. Being a senior, we want to be a good influence and be a better role model to other groups.

As the BTS section of the interview neared its end, the group was given their last question. Is BTS happy?

V: For now, we are very happy as we are, as a group, together. And I think we are happy because we are walking on the same path, walking the same direction. We wanted to get Best of the Year award, but we have it already so our goal is to make great music, to share it with our fans.

Rap Monster: And a worldwide, stadium tour. That’s the goal.

V: We have grander goals.

BigHit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk, better known as “Hitman” Bang, had some revelations to share about upcoming plans for the group. He said that a new album was already being made and more U.S. concerts might be added to their schedule later this year. Bang Si Hyuk also hinted that BTS’ international listeners might be getting some special features designed for them, but assures that the group will stay true to its roots.

He addressed future plans for the U.S market in the interview, which also happened to be his first one with the American press.

“I’m not a believer in releasing full English songs to the U.S. market, like many K-pop artists have. We must focus on what we do best as K-pop artists and producers and maybe add some special features to which international or U.S. music fans can feel attached. That is the best way for me to put K-pop into the mainstream U.S. music market–”

— BigHit Entertainment’s Bang Si Hyuk

As the group’s sold-out U.S. arena tour came to an end on April 2 with an attendance rate of approximately 60 000 people, it’s not hard to say that the 7-member-group has come a long way since their debut in 2013. In fact, their second full-length album, Wings, also became the first K-pop project to be featured in the top 40 of the Billboard 200. BTS continues to grow its popularity around the world and is now seemingly planning bigger on making its way further into the international music scene.

Source: Billboard