BTS And Anderson .Paak Finally Met — And His Wife’s And Son’s Reactions Were A Total Mood

Jin’s reaction to meeting Anderson .Paak’s wife had the members teasing him 😂

JAfter missing the chance to meet up at the Grammy Awards last year, BTS have finally met Anderson .Paak in person — but his family’s reaction to meeting the group has totally stolen our attention!

Jimin, V, RM, Jungkook, Anderson .Paak, Jin, J-Hope, and Suga. | @anderson._paak/Instagram

Anderson .Paak is a Grammy-winning musician of African-American and Korean heritage who’s one half of the superduo Silk Sonic with Bruno Mars. Anderson’s family is full of ARMYs, including his son who was devastated when he was unable to meet BTS last year. But it’s finally happened!

Jimin, V, Soul Rasheed, and RM. | @anderson._paak/Instagram

Anderson and his family, including his wife, Jae Lin, and his son, Soul Rasheed, attended the group’s first live concert since 2019 on November 27, 2021. They had floor seats to the show and sat among hundreds of equally passionate ARMYs. Anderson posted videos on his Instagram story of them all enjoying the show — and his view of the stage was unreal.

| @anderson._paak/Instagram

Afterward, Anderson and his family went backstage to meet with BTS for the first time. Soul was super nervous before meeting the group…

Anderson: How you feel?

Soul: Nervous.

Anderson: Why?

Soul: I’m meeting BTS!

… but he, of course, had nothing to worry about! Immediately after meeting them, wrapped his arm around Soul and he settled right in with the group. From all of Anderson’s social media posts, everyone’s excitement was obvious to see.

Even Jae Lin couldn’t hold back from fangirling when she got to take a photo with Jin — but Jin also got a bit flustered! The two posed together and the other BTS members jumped in to tease Jin over his face turning red and his stiff pose.

Jungkook: Jin-hyung‘s face turned red.

V: It’s like Jin-hyung is at a photobooth.

Jin: She’s a married person, so…! [Laughs]

Jae Lin: [Laughs] It’s okay, it’s okay!

ARMYs have been cracking up over the whole interaction, especially hearing Anderson .Paak say, “Alright, let’s go, babe,” while filming it all. Of course, they couldn’t end the night without an impromptu cover of Silk Sonic’s “Leave The Door Open,” a song that the BTS members have been singing nonstop lately. (Full cover, please!)

Anderson .Paak shared some more pictures and videos on his Instagram of them all meeting up and exchanging signed albums. He even wrote in his caption that the group should hit him up if they need another member since he “work[s] well in groups!”

| @anderson._paak/Instagram

And BTS tweeted out a picture with Anderson and their signed Silk Sonic albums!

Fans of these artists couldn’t be happier to see them finally meeting up. Since both BTS and Silk Sonic are nominated for Grammys this year, hopefully we’ll see another interaction between them soon! Read more about BTS meeting up with celebrities in LA below.

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