BTS Announce Performances At Music Shows Will Be Without An Audience As A Safety Precaution

There will be no fans present.

BTS has announced that they will be complying with broadcast station regulations, and will be recording their performance on music shows without an audience.

On February 24, a post was uploaded on BTS’s official Weverse account, and informed ARMYs about fan attendance during the recordings at music shows for their new comeback, Map Of The Soul:7.


The post read,

Hello, this is your BTS official Fan Club manager.

We would like to inform you about the music show attendance during BTS’s Map Of The Soul:7 promotion.

Recently the broadcasting stations have decided to record the music shows without any audience to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

BTS performances will also be recorded without any audience to follow the decision of the broadcasting stations. We apologize to ARMY that have been looking forward to attending the music shows. Thank you for understanding.

BTS’s performances from Map Of The Soul:7 will be broadcast, and in case of any changes, we will inform you.

We would like to thank ARMY once again for sending support and love to BTS and wish you good health.

Thank you.

—BTS’s Official Fan Club Manager


BTS made their comeback on February 21 with full album Map Of The Soul:7, with 3 pre-released singles. The official MV for the title track, “ON”, will be released on February 28.


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