BTS Announces 2020 Music Elections To Find Out What Song And Dance ARMYs Like Best

Vote for your favorite!

On June 10, BTS dropped a link for the “2020 BTS Music Elections” to find out what song ARMYs like best from them. They posted a message through Twitter and left a link to a form for fans to fill out to help BTS see what style of song and dance were the most popular.

“2020 BTS Music Elections! From ARMYs favorite songs to a variety of different situational songs! We are curious to know what ARMYs taste in music is! Please join in on the 2020 BTS music elections right now! Participation period: June 10, 2020~June 11, 2020.”

The first page of the form consisted of ten different questions regarding fans’ favorite songs, dance, music videos, and more.

1. What is your favorite BTS song?

2. What is your favorite BTS choreography?

3. What is your favorite activity song (or couple song)?

4. What is your favorite music video?

5. What performance would you like to see on stage before the end of 2020?

6. What song is good to listen to in the summer time?

7. What song would you recommend to someone who is not familiar with BTS?

8. What song helps you focus when studying?

9. What song helps you power walk to school or to work?

10. What song is good to listen to on your way home from school or work?

With so many fans trying to access the link, the pages have crashed, preventing many ARMYs from seeing the rest of the page. According to some lucky ARMYs that made it through the entire form, have shared that there are actually many more questions to the form and have posted the questions regarding the remainder of the form. Check the Tweets below to see the rest of the questions!

For those that have yet to send in their forms, check out the form link and get your opinions in!