BTS Announces Their Mysterious 5th Muster, “Magic Shop”

Based on these teasers, BTS’s 5th Muster may be their most magical one yet.

BTS have just given ARMYs one more thing to get excited about: their 5th Muster!


On March 28, BTS uploaded three cryptic posts to their Instagram. The first one, captioned “I need THE MAGIC SHOP”, shows a gap between buildings…


…where the “Magic Shop” appears.


It also includes this video loop of the shop flickering in and out of existence.


The next post, captioned “I’m waiting for you.”, announces their 5th Muster, the special fan club event BTS host annually. Each Muster has a theme, and 2019’s appears to be based on “Magic Shop”, a special song written for ARMY.

The third post is again captioned “I need THE MAGIC SHOP.”, but this time it shows the Magic Shop appearing in a different location.


The date hasn’t been announced yet, so fans may want to keep their eye on BTS’s Instagram for more announcements and surprises!