BTS Anti-Fans Manage To Stop Wale-Rap Monster Collaboration In Its Tracks

Fans who want a second collaboration between Rap Monster and Wale may be disappointed, as Wale announced that he is pulling out.

With well over 7 million views, Wale and Rap Monster’s first collaboration track “Change” was well-received by fans.

So fans were naturally excited when Wale announced that Rap Monster had reached out to him for a possible follow-up collaboration.

But shortly after the announcement, anti-fans accused Wale of using Rap Monster for fame which, causing him to back out.

Wale’s deleted tweet.

Wale did take some time to humbly defend himself against the allegations, however, reminding his accusers that Rap Monster had reached out to him.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Twitter users spread malicious rumors about Wale using Rap Monster for money and attention.

In spite of the rumors being spread, ARMYs reached out to Wale and expressed their support of him and his collaborations with Rap Monster.