Korean ARMYs Call Out Politicians For Using BTS To Save Face… Again

“You’ll pay for it by making 70 million ARMYs from all over the world into your enemies…”

Korean netizens are calling out the government’s ruling party for trying to use BTS and save face.

BTS | Associated Foreign Press

Previously it was reported that Korea’s ruling party (People Power Party) is asking for BTS to perform at a controversial concert to save face after a disastrous 2023 World Scout Jamboree event. The event has been rife with problems stemming from poor preparation and has sparked allegations of politicians misusing event funds for themselves.

Korean Government Calls On BTS’s Jin And J-Hope To Perform Amid Disastrous 2023 World Scout Jamboree

On August 8, Sung Il Jong of the Power People Party publicly asked the Ministry Of Defense to prepare currently enlisted BTS members to perform at a concert held for participants of the ill-fated event.

Sung Il Jong | New Daily

Korean netizens immediately criticized the politician and accused the government of using BTS for their own agendas.

Please tell me that the rumors stating that (the government) is asking BTS to perform at the K-Pop concert after a disastrous Jamboree event is false. International ARMYs need to get together to stop them from even bringing this up in discussions.

— @duke_jongup/Twitter

Politicians are talking nonsense about needing BTS to change Jamboree participants’ opinion of Korea. Just know this, even if you get to change the minds of 36,000 people. You’ll have to pay for it by making 70 million ARMYs from all over the world into your enemies. Calculate that. Do you think I am lying? Then ask ARMYs who visited Busan last October if they are rooting for the World Expo.

— @liliz1204/Twitter

  • “What is he saying? Are they going to send the members who are currently serving in the military? They won’t even have time to perform.”
  • “For 6 years, politicians used the event fund to party, and now that the event is ruined, they are like ‘Ta-Da! BTS!’ LOL. Their efforts to twist this into something positive is hilarious.”
  • “They are f@cking crazy. B@stards have no shame.”
  • “What do you mean discuss? Don’t even bring it up.”
  • “Why do K-Pop idols need to clean up the government’s diarrhea?”
  • “Seriously, I feel so bad for BTS.”
  • “They make it seem like the government raised BTS, LOL. Do they owe you anything? Do you not have any shame?”
  • “Even while in the military, they are being used. How horrible! Is this North Korea?”
  • “Sigh…”
  • “They are crazy.”
  • “Don’t do it! I feel so bad for BTS.”
  • “Wow, they are pressuring BTS like crazy.”

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