ARMY Crashes BTS’s Blog While Trying To Hear Jungkook’s New Song, “Still With You”

BTS’s blog and SoundCloud couldn’t handle fans’ love for Jungkook.

ARMY was ready for Jungkook‘s new song, but BTS‘s blog was not!

On June 4, BTS released “Still With You“, a new song, written and produced by Jungkook (with Pdogg), as part of 2020 FESTA. Thousands of ARMYs flocked to BTS’s blog to hear “Still With You”, but unfortunately, there was a little problem.

ARMY crashed the site!

No blog? No problem. You could go hear the song on SoundCloud, right? Wrong. According to fans, SoundCloud was also down for a quick minute!

Thankfully, after approximately 30 minutes, both BTS’s blog and SoundCloud got back up from ARMY’s knock out, and are now working (for now). If you haven’t heard it yet, listen to “Still With You” here: