ARMY Is Going Crazy Over Leaked BTS Set List At Gayo Daechukje!

It’s going to be a unique peformance from BTS this year.

The KBS Gayo Daechukje is taking place on the 28th of December and it features a mouth watering line-up of acts including Got7, EXO, NCT and of course BTS.

A leaked set list is making the rounds and it has ARMY ecstatic. Each member of BTS will have a prerecorded performance of one of their solo songs before performing Fake Love live.

First J-Hope will perform his unique ear pleaser ‘Just Dance’ from LY: Answer. We got a taste of his choreography during their stop at LA during their world tour.

Then fan favourite Jungkook will peform his inventive and captivating ballad ‘Euphoria’ also from LY: Answer. Above is just a snippet of what to expect.

‘Serendipity’ from LY: Her is truly a beautiful track and ARMY cannot wait to see Jimin peform it.

‘Love’ from LY: Answer was a change of tone for RM who normally taps in to his angry side when rapping. He’ll be hoping to fill ARMY with warm feelings when he performs this at the Gayo Daechukje. We experienced a live rendition of this song at their stop in Seoul during their world tour and it was heartwarming.

Next up is V’s haunting solo ‘Singularity’ which was the intro song in LY: Tear. After being brought up by RM, V will leave you melancholic but unable to look away.

Suga’s calm yet energetic solo ‘Seesaw’ from LY: Answer follows V. In this track, Suga shows off the range of his rap ability and we expect you’ll be able to feel his emotion when he performs it at the Gayo Gaechukje.

Rounding out the solo acts is Jin’s raw emotional ballad with beautifully crafted lyrics. The visual really displays his vocal power in this song and it is a fantastic prelude to Fake Love.

At last, BTS will break out in to Fake Love which will likely be scintilating as it always is. The intricate choreography promises to set the crowd’s hearts alight.

Naturally, ARMY are ecstatic about the idea of each of their beloved members getting a chance to shine. The KBS Gayo Daechukje kicks off on the 28th at 8:30 KST and it promises to be a show that can’t be missed for ARMY.