BTS’s New “ARMY With Letter” Project Has Some Fans Fearing For The Trees

This BTS Weverse project invites ARMY to write the longest BTS fan letter in the world.

BTS Weverse has announced an exciting, new BTS x ARMY project: “Army with Letter”.


This project invites ARMYs to write letters that express their “wholehearted love for BTS”. These letters will be compiled to create the “longest letter in the world by ARMY”.


From July 17 to August 4, fans are invited to write letters of any length to BTS, then submit the letters through BTS Weverse with the hashtag #TO_BTS. The letters are then printed…


…in this pink, BTS box, located at Seoul Marina Square.


When the event ends, this collective letter will be gathered then presented to BTS.


So far, ARMYs have already written over 100,000 letters. That’s a lot of paper!


For this reason, some ARMYs are voicing their concerns about the letter’s environmental impact, and they have decided not to participate, for this reason. More environmentally friendly alternatives for “ARMY with Letter” have been suggested.


Despite these concerns, thousands of ARMYs have chosen to write letters because, well, they just can’t resist!


Fans are grateful for the opportunity to pour out their hearts to the 7 boys who changed their world. This fan sums it up perfectly; “stan a company and a group that stans you back”.