Magnum Ice Cream’s Official Twitter Account Once Again Becomes A BTS Fan Account

They even made Jimin x Magnum Ice Cream headers!

BTS collaborated with Baskin Robbins in 2020, releasing a special limited edition flavor.

But while BTS may be Baskin Robbins ambassadors, a different ice cream brand has always been the biggest BTS promoter. Magnum Ice Cream has often used its official Twitter account to promote BTS andย Jimin, once comparing him to one of its ice cream bars.

Aside from simply making the post, Magnum Ice Cream’s Twitter responded to different ARMYs’ replies.

The brand account even promised Jimin “all the Magnum ice cream he wants just for existing,” proving that the account manager has a clear bias.

Although the brand has also showcased its love of Jungkook.

And BTS as a whole.

And now the brand seems to be once again broadcasting its love of BTS as the social media manager “was on holiday but [is] back now.

They celebrated “Jimin month” by pinning this tweet on their account.

Reminding anyone who had forgotten that it was “JIMTOBER” just two days later.

And have now even made four different adorable “MAGNUM X MIMI” headers for ARMY to use.

| @MagnumGlobal/Twitter
| @MagnumGlobal/Twitter
| @MagnumGlobal/Twitter
| @MagnumGlobal/Twitter

The social media manager was excited to ask ARMY which of the banners they liked best.

And explained that the headers are precious “because [they] came from the heart!

And when one fan asked what “a Jimin-themed ice cream” would look like, they seemed open to fan suggestions.

Although they firmly believe that there isn’t “enough sugar in the world” to make an ice cream sweeter than Jimin.

The account also verified its ARMY status.

Fans, of course, were surprised that a verified brand account was tweeting as an ARMY, which the Magnum Ice Cream response joked was only because their boss didn’t notice.

While the social media manager may have joked about getting fired over their unabashed love for Jimin, there’s no way anyone could not support these adorable tweets.

Especially since Magnum Ice Cream joked that Jimin is obviously their husband.

ARMY can probably agree that this devoted ARMY definitely deserves a raise.

You can read more here.

Magnum Ice Cream’s Twitter Account Is Actually A Fan Page For BTS’s Jimin

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