The New Inductee For BTS ARMY Is Mexican Beer Modelo

Could BTS be the new faces of the brand?

A new inductee in the BTS ARMY is none other than Cerveza Modelo!

Grupo Modelo, the large brewery in Mexico, exports cerveza (beer) internationally, including Corona, Pacífico, and Modelo.

The Modelo brand tweeted a post that initially made ARMYs wonder if BTS was collaborating or new sponsors. It was a photo with the Mondelo bottle in the iconic BTS logo along with a message in hangul.

This wouldn’t be the first time BTS were ambassadors for a beer. After being selected as the new face of Lotte Chilsung’s Kloud Beer, BTS have starred in commercials with the product.

Yet, upon translation, it appears that it might simply be an innocent fan post. The social media manager posted a message in hangul with some typos.

We like that you like Mexico’s beer.

— Cerveza Modelo’s caption

We are your fan.

— Cerveza Modelo photo

The post is likely in reference to BTS’s leader RM drinking Modelo during his latest live broadcast following the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.

ARMYs also reported that the alcoholic beverage is available at PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts.

So, whether it’s just a mutual appreciation or an official collaboration is yet to be confirmed.

Source: @CervezaModeloMX

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