BTS And ARMY Raises Over $1.6 Million For UNICEF’s “Love Myself” Campaign

They made history together!

BTS, with the help of their fans and agency, has raised over 1.85 billion won (~$1.65 million USD) for UNICEF’s “Love Yourself” campaign, designed to end violence between children and teens.

According to the UN International Children’s Emergency Fund, BigHit Entertainment contributed 1 billion won (~$892,000 USD), the members themselves donated 270 million won (~$240,000 USD), and their fandom donated 599 million won (~$534,000 USD). An additional 52.25 million won was funded by the attendees at their recent world tour (~$46,000 USD). Much of the agency’s funds came from album sales for BTS’s “Love Yourself” series.

Source: UNICEF

The charity raised its incredible funds between November 2017 to December 2018. The funds were collected throughout the year through multiple ways. Fans were able to make donations through the campaign website, purchase goods specifically designed for the campaign, as well as purchase goods auctioned off by members with the profits going directly to the cause.

RM‘s book fetched 6.9 million won (~$6,200 USD) at auction. UNICEF staff revealed that there was “a huge bidding competition between fans in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and Indonesia.

UNICEF staff also revealed that BTS is the top Korean celebrity to bring in the most donations for their campaign. BigHit is also the top corporate with the most donations.

“BTS already rose to the top ranks of Korean celebrities in terms of donations with about W800 million so far and Big Hit Entertainment ranks No. 1 in terms of corporate donations.”

— UNICEF Staff

BigHit Entertainment and UNICEF have begun preparing a second round of goods to continue raising funds for their “Love Yourself” campaign.

Source: Chosun News