MrBeast Makes A Generous Donation To BTS ARMY’s Charity Projects

ARMY has since matched his donation with their own.

MrBeast has made a generous donation to BTS‘s fandom, ARMY.

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This Youtuber and philanthropist is as famous for his expensive, entertaining stunts as he is for his charity work. He has spearheaded many charity efforts, including “Team Trees”, which raised over twenty million dollars this year to plant trees.

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To make the world a better place, ARMY also strives to use their massive influence for good by raising money for charity in BTS’s name.

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Earlier this year, for instance, ARMY matched BTS’s one million dollar donation for the Black Lives Matters movement.

Last week, MrBeast announced that he would be giving away $10,000 to the Twitter user who raised the most likes in the comment section.

From the thousands who replied, two contenders rose to the top: Corpse Husband (a horror Youtuber) and ARMY via @BTS_History0613. Both hoped to win the money to donate it to their charities of choice. ARMY’s charities would use the $10,000 to buy BTS BE albums for fans who cannot afford it.

Corpse Husband won the prize, but after seeing the effort ARMY put into raising likes, MrBeast decided to donate $10,000 to both.

Soon after, ARMY took the win one step further by aiming to raise even more money with #Matchthe10k. Not only did they match MrBeast’s donation; they surpassed it! Now, many fans who are unable to afford BTS’s music will be able to listen to their very own BE album next month.