BTS And ARMY Are One And The Same In New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Commercial

If you didn’t want a new phone already, you’ll want one now.

Samsung is back at it again, releasing new smartphones that will be the talk around not just the town but the world. Their newest release? The Galaxy Z Flip3! It’s essentially a “smart” version of a flip phone. And there are seven colors available: cream, green, purple, black, gray, white, and pink.

Galaxy Z Flip3 | Samsung

Speaking of seven, BTS are also still the current brand ambassadors. So, of course, they had to make an appearance in the brand’s latest commercial!

BTS in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 commercial | Samsung/YouTube

The ad begins with a young woman on a dark subway train. She pulls out her phone, The Galaxy Z Flip3…

| Samsung/YouTube

As she begins playing her music of choice, BTS’s “Butter,” her reflection changes… And suddenly, she seems to transform into Worldwide Handsome himself Jin!

| Samsung/YouTube

The rest of the members appear, and they begin the choreography for “Butter.” The focus shifts from Jin to Jungkook, indicating that the girl is now the maknae.

| Samsung/YouTube

Jungkook opens The Galaxy Z Flip3, literally unfolding and opening a new world. From here, the video’s location changes to the set of the “Butter” music video.

| Samsung/YouTube

The rest of the music video (well, technically, it’s a commercial) cut between shots of BTS dancing and the actress. Her dance skills make it possible for the video editors to perfectly match cut the shots of her and the shots of BTS.

| Samsung/YouTube

Some of the updated features of the new Galaxy are highlighted in the video with the help of the members. J-Hope and the actress show how one can use the phone’s bigger viewfinder (it had been much smaller in the previous version) when taking selfies. This includes videos, too, making it perfect for potential vloggers!

| Samsung/YouTube

The actress representing ARMY also has her time to shine as each member, including all of the rappers, such as Suga. They cut to and from shots of the two.

| Samsung/YouTube

Finally, the video concludes with Jimin on the subway, leaning against the doors as he looks at his Galaxy Z Flip3. They then match cut from him to the young woman as she exits the train before the camera pans to reveal that BTS are still there.

| Samsung/YouTube

That commercial is enough to make anyone want a new phone! Preorders for The Galaxy Z Flip3 begin today. It will also be available in stores on August 27th.

Recently, Suga also became the latest artist to reimagine Samsung Galaxy’s iconic trademarked sound “Over the Horizon.” Read what he had to say about his creative process for it below:

BTS’s Suga Reimagines Samsung Galaxy’s “Over The Horizon”—Here’s What He Has To Say About The Process

You can see the whole commercial below:

Source: Samsung and The Verge