This Army of ARMYs Spotted At The Piccadilly Circus In London Will Give You Major Chills

What a sensation!

While BTS wowed the ARMYs with their fantastic London performance, ARMYs wowed the rest of London by coming together at the Piccadilly Circus to see a new Hyundai billboard ad featuring the group!


Earlier last month, Hyundai announced an exclusive hour-long event for ARMYs, to celebrate BTS’s endorsement of their SUV model, the Palisade. The company promised to release a special video of BTS members on the billboard located at the iconic Piccadilly Circus in London on May 31, 2019.

Hyundai To Host An Exclusive BTS x Hyundai Event For Fans


Came May 31, ARMYs gathered at the circus to check out the brand new clip and take pictures and videos of the special moment. Soon, the square was full of BTS fans grouping together. London was wowed by how many BTS fans are devoted to showing love and support for the boys!


Check out the number of people who have shown up at the Piccadilly Circus!


The sight was so grand that even the non K-Pop fans in London began tweeting about the army of ARMYs at the square. ARMYs had a blast at the Piccadilly, watching the new video and interacting with other ARMYs. This sensational event showed that BTS indeed have fans worldwide and they are truly a global superstar!


Feel like missing out? No worries – watch this to join the euphoria: