BTS Tops “Global Sustainable Leader 100” List At The United Nations (UN)

BTS and their loyal fans have earned top spots on this prestigious list.

BTS have been acknowledged by the United Nations (UN), and so have their loyal fans.


On July 18, The Korean Association for Supporting the SDGs for the UN (UNSDGS) announced the “Global Sustainable Leader 100” list at United Nations Headquarters. The list is made up of a variety of leadership categories that are each topped by one “global leader”, such “Top Rank Global Business Leader” (Bill Gates), “The Most Excellent Sustainable Global Business Leader” (Apple CEO Tim Cook), and “Top Rank Sustainable Social & Environmental Leader” (Leonardo DiCaprio). The selection process, which began in May, was based on the analysis of 2,000 key leaders and 3,000 major global companies.

BTS placed first in the “Top Sustainability Future Leader” category.


The SociSDG defines a sustainability leader as a leader who works toward creating systemic change, motivates and inspires people with their passion. They want to create a better world, and they do it by implementing creative solutions.


A sustainability leader also has a value-based, long-term vision for shaping culture, and a strong, inclusive vision for making a difference.


ARMY received recognition on a separate list by being named the “Top Rank Sustainable Global Group”. This list, which also includes the UN Foundation and Green Peace, will be announced on September 24-25 at United Nations Headquarters during a forum that will discuss the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Source: Socisdg, Mnews and CNBC