BTS ARMYs Celebrate As UberFacts Exposes “The Most Negative Fanbases”

UberFacts released charts of both the most positive and negative fanbases.

The BTS fandom, ARMY, is celebrating after UberFacts released a “The Most Negative Fanbases Online” chart.

Recently, UberFacts posted a chart of “The Most Positive Fanbases Online,” with One Direction ranking at the top. It’s based on the language used.

Similarly, UberFacts shared “The Most Negative Fanbases” on Twitter, with Rihanna‘s fanbase, Navy, ranking at the top. Again, it’s based on the language used by the fans.

Netizens didn’t entirely agree with the chart, though. Many voiced their opinions in the comment section.

Yet, another fanbase, ARMY, was celebrating in quote-tweets…

While BTS is known for positive messages, the fandom is often criticized for “toxic behavior” by non-fans. So, ARMYs were excited to see that they were not included in the “Negative Fanbases” chart.

It shows that ARMYs use more positive language than negative online.

Interestingly, despite how active K-Pop fans are on social media, not one fandom was included in either chart.

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